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The private kindergarten Zemunland

Preschool institution and kindergarten

About us

In one of the most beautiful parts of Zemun, there is a children's oasis of learning, exploration, and socializing - Zemunland kindergarten.

Zemunland operates according to the most modern principles and standards of preschool education for children.

Through a carefully designed work program, we strive to introduce children to the basics of science, art, and sports. All activities we implement in the kindergarten aim to develop children's potentials in a safe and motivated environment.

Zemunland pays great attention to physical education and upbringing of children. We work daily on cultivating a love for sports activities,integrating gymnastics, athletics, and team sports.
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The kindergarten facility covers an area of 700m2 and represents acomfortable, safe, and well-equipped educational institution.

All the rooms of the kindergarten are creatively furnished and tailored to the appropriate age of the children.

The facility is covered by video surveillance, air-conditioned, and equipped with burglar and fire protection.

Playground and Yard

Zemunland takes pride in its large 25-acre yard, protected by a concrete fence, and is ideal for children's physical activities and outdoor play. The yard is equipped with various interesting playgrounds, courts, and equipment.

Through a well-designed program, we aim to introduce children to the basics of science, art, and sports. All activities conducted in our kindergarten are aimed at developing children's potentials in a safe and motivated environment.
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Work program

Objectivesof educational work in Zemunland kindergarten:

¿Communication in the native language
Developmentof oral and written expression in children.

ℓ Communicationin a foreign language
Acquisitionof basic words in a foreign language through situations andactivities.

℅ Mathematical,scientific and technological competencies
Familiarization with primary mathematical, physical, and natural phenomena.

∂ Digital competence
Use of digital devices as a means of research and accessing useful information.

₻ Learning to learn
Cognitive strategies in the learning process and understanding of what has been learned.

₼ Social and civic competencies
Development of individual and group identity, respect for diversity, fostering a sense of caring for others.

♪ Cultural awareness and expression
Nurturing cultural and national identity, fostering creativity through acting,dancing, movement, speech, literature.

Teams and age groups

Age groups

-Infant groups (ages 1 to 2 and 2 to 3)
-Kindergarten groups (ages 3 to 4, 4 to 5, 5 to 6)
-Preschool groups (ages 6+)

TheZemunland daycare team consists of:

-Professional educators
-Nurse educators
-Preventive nurse
-Speech therapist
-Specialist collaborators for sports, dance, drama, and English language

All fully dedicated to working with children.


We know how important proper nutrition is for children and how much influence kindergarten has on establishing healthy eating habits.

The choice of meals is under the supervision of a nutritionist who takes care of the balance and nutritional values of the food.

-Snack (fruit)
-Snack (sweet/salty)

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